U.S. Notary Association, and its affiliate, U.S. Notary Finder, was founded by a group with experience in the Signing Service space, as well as decades of experience in mortgage, marketing, and banking. This includes years of experience as a notary performing general notary work as well as mortgage loan signings. We wanted to create a place that would connect notaries and consumers for all manner of notary work.

U.S. Notary Association is the most convenient and efficient way to make these connections.

Our goal is to create a marketplace where services are requested and offered directly between the parties involved. U.S. Notary Association collects no fees from any transaction. The negotiation exists between the notary and the consumer.

We are proud to present to the consumer the most professional notaries offering their skills and services within their local communities. Our site makes it easy to identify and communicate with these professionals. Our notaries are responsible for performing not only as an objective witness to the signing of a document; in most states, they are responsible for ensuring that the signer is executing the document willingly. Most importantly, they have the knowledge to ensure that the identity of the signer can be verified per the state law where the signing is taking place.

Connecting these skilled and professional notaries with customers requiring these services is now just a click away.